Agricultural Burning

Agricultural burning (leaves and other vegetation) is strictly PROHIBITED without first obtaining a permit from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service. If the New Jersey Forest Fire Service issues a permit, then you must still apply for a local permit from the Fire Prevention Bureau before conducting agricultural burning.  

Trash Burning

It is illegal to burn trash.

Chimineas and outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor recreational fires that are in elevated, manufactured fireplaces are allowed, provided they are at least 15 feet away from structures and combustible materials.

Camp fires and fires directly on the ground

Any fire that is made directly on the ground requires a permit from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.


Even if allowed by law, any open burning that creates a hazardous or objectionable situation, or that is offensive because of smoke emissions, can still be ordered extinguished by the Fire Official.

NEVER leave a fire unattended by a competent adult!

Before conducting any burning (even one that is permitted by law), check the NJDEP website: Forest Fire Service Danger Restrictions to see the current fire danger and any restrictions imposed by the Forest Fire Service.